Hinckley and Bosworth Business Prosperity Grant 2024/25

Funding arrangements

Successful applicants will enter into a grant agreement with the council. If we approve your project, you must: 

  • Trade for three years from the end of the grant funding period
  • Deliver all outputs as detailed in your full application
  • Supply evidence of expenditure and defrayal
  • Grants will be paid in arrears. This means you will need to make the purchase before you receive the grant money.  You will need to provide us with proof of purchase/payment to enable us to pay you the grant funding
  • Payments will be made to businesses upon completion and inspection of the final project unless otherwise agreed
  • You must demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to pay for the project costs upfront or in instalments

Applicants must ensure that any project/programme put forward is compliant with the UK Subsidy Control regime and will be asked to demonstrate this within the application form. Applicants will be asked to declare whether they or any businesses they are formally linked with have received funding from EU or other public sources when they apply. 

All projects must comply with UKSPF procurement procedures, this includes three quotes for the purchase of any goods or services between the value of £2,500 and £25,000. We will request quotes prior to issuing a funding agreement and a minimum of one quote should be submitted with your application. For more information, please visit UK Shared Prosperity Fund: procurement (8) (GOV.UK)

Funding will be awarded on the basis that applicants have all necessary permissions in place to undertake any planned activity and pass all necessary due-diligence checks. The council may ask for evidence before a grant agreement is issued, however this is the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Last updated: 26/01/2024 10:18