Advice for taking care of your physical health

Physical activity

This information is designed to help people to adopt a healthier lifestyle through taking some simple steps. It includes why changes should be made and the support available to help achieve it. Here we are looking at the importance of physical activity.

Physical activity can have a positive impact on our health, lifestyle, motivation and energy.

Here are a few simple tips to help:

  • Create a routine – aim to go to do some form of physical activity throughout the day for example, gardening, mowing the lawn and walking up and down the stairs
  • Exercise is good for aiding sleeping – but try not to do vigorous exercise about two hours before you go to bed. Gentle stretching is fine and will encourage your body and mind to wind down
  • Reduce time spent sitting or lying down and break up long periods of not moving with some activity
  • Get outside as much as possible – fresh air and natural light can help with circadian rhythm, our natural body clock and be good for our mental health too
  • Knee raises – sit in an upright position with knees and feet together. Hold chair arms for support. Raise one knee, keeping knee bent then return to start position
  • Knee extension – sit in an upright position with knees and feet together. Hold chair arms, extend one leg, keeping knee straight. Point toes upwards and bring/tilt foot back towards you
  • Shoulder rotation - sit in an upright position. Keep upper trunk facing forward, place hands on shoulders. Raise elbows to shoulder height. Draw circles in air with elbows and roll shoulders in a circular motion
  • Dancing to some music in your lounge
  • Walking – ensuring that you keep within the Government Guidelines – social distancing and once every day. Do not use the exercise equipment in parks.

It is also important to do some muscle strengthening exercises for example carrying heavy bags and some heavy digging and shovelling in the garden.

For more information please contact Helen Smith, Physical Activity Coordinator on 01455 255908.

Last updated: 05/03/2024 12:05:26