Contaminated land

Responsibility of the council

Under part 2(A) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the council has certain duties over the enforcement of contaminated land. As part of this obligation it has prepared and published an inspection strategy detailing how this is to be carried out.

If any land is identified which is causing significant harm or there is a significant possibility of significant harm to persons or controlled waters or other specific receptors, then the land will be designated as contaminated land. If the site is not remediated ('cleaned up') by the appropriate person, that is the person causing the pollution or the owner of the site, then a remediation notice may be served to ensure remediation is undertaken. A public register will be kept of all contaminated land sites where a remediation notice has been served.

At present, no land in the borough has been identified as contaminated land under the legislation. The absence of an entry on the register does not guarantee that the land is free from contamination.

Further information: contaminated land (GOV.UK)

Development of potentially contaminated sites

We produced a guide in 2011 on the development of contaminated sites in partnership with other authorities in Leicestershire and Rutland.

To obtain a copy contact Environmental Health: Environmental Health contact form

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