Accommodation inspections for UK entry clearance

Inspection process

What does the Inspecting Officer look for?

The Officer will require access to every room in the property.

The Officer will measure each applicable room to determine if there is enough space available for each person living at the property as well as the person(s) who want to come to the UK.

In addition the Officer will check whether the property is being maintained to a good standard and is safe for people to live in.

What information do I need to provide?

When you apply you will need to provide the following information:

  • The name of the consulate or the country the consulate is located
  • The name of the owner of the property and address if the owner does not live at the address
  • The name, date of birth and age of each person requiring entry in to the UK
  • The relationship between each person requiring entry in to the UK and the sponsor
  • The name and age of all the people who currently live at the property
  • The relationship between each person who currently lives at the property and the sponsor

If you are a private tenant:

You must also provide the following copies to us:

  • Current gas safety certificate – unless gas is not supplied to the property
  • Current Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • The tenancy agreement to prove that you have a secure tenancy
  • Written confirmation from the landlord that they consent to the additional occupier(s) you propose to sponsor

Will my application be successful?

Your application will be successful if the proposed property is large enough for the people who currently live in the property as well as the person(s) you propose to sponsor to live there in the future, and the property is safe to live in.

What will I receive after the inspection?

You will receive two copies of the certificate. It is your responsibility to send one of the copies to the respective consulate. The certificates will be posted to the applicant or can be collected from the Hinckley Hub with prior arrangement.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, if your property is not big enough or is too hazardous, or you cannot prove that you have a secure tenancy or permission from your landlord for more occupiers, your application will be unsuccessful. The accommodation certificate will state this. Where possible, we will work with you / the landlord to help you address these issues so that the property may be suitable for this use, but this is not always possible.

Who do I contact for further information or amendments to my certificate?

For further information, amendments to accommodation certificates, and changes to appointments please contact the Private Sector Housing Team

Last updated: ‎02/03/2023 12:58