Accommodation inspections for UK entry clearance

Inspection process

Once the application and fee are received, the officer will carry out the inspection to confirm that the property:

  • Is free from category one hazards under the Housing Act 2004 Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)
  • Is in reasonable state of repair and fit for human habitation
  • Has sufficient space to accommodate both the current occupiers and any additional people who propose to live there

Please note, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, it will not be possible for the council to conduct physical inspections of properties. Digital inspections of properties are currently being trialled. This will entail customers having to use and send or transmit their own digital video footage of their premises to the council who will conduct a desktop inspection of the property. To do this, and before applying, please contact the Private Sector Housing team on 01455 255734 to ensure you are able to do this.

The following information will be required to support the inspection:

  • Name and date of birth of the person(s) seeking entry to the UK
  • Copy of a tenancy agreement or proof of ownership for the property
  • Name and date of birth of other occupants in the property to be inspected
  • Current gas safety certificate for the property (if rented) and electrical installation condition report if available

Once the inspection is complete the council will supply a letter detailing the suitability of the property which may be used to support the immigration application if the property meets the required standards under the Housing Act 2004.

Please note:

  • The council will not supply letters unless an inspection has been carried out
  • The immigration authorities will not accept letters that are greater than 12 weeks old
  • If your letter expires, the council will need to carry out another inspection, incurring another fee

We, the council, reserve the right to make a charge for any amendments to the letter or for the supply of copies of the letter at a later date.

Once the completed application form has been assessed and payment has been received, we will call you to arrange an inspection.

Should you wish to arrange an inspection earlier, please contact the Private Sector Housing Team on 01455 255734. However, please be aware that this can only be done if the application has been assessed and payment has been received.

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