Enforcement policy

Our policy

Fair and effective enforcement is essential to protect both the economic interests and the health and safety of the public, as well as private sector tenants.

Decisions about enforcement action and, in particular, the decision to prosecute has serious implications for all involved. The Private Sector Housing Team applies this policy to ensure that:

  • Decisions about enforcement action are fair, proportionate and consistent
  • Everyone understands what principles are applied when enforcement action is considered

This policy is designed to make sure that everyone knows the principles that the Private Sector Housing Team applies when carrying out its work.

View the corporate enforcement policy (PDF) for more information.

The council has also adopted Nottingham City Council's 'Civil Penalties Enforcement Policy and Guidance' for certain housing offences as an alternative to prosecution.

View Civil Financial Penalties Policy (PDF) (nottinghamcity.gov.uk) for more information. Alternatively, contact the Private Sector Housing Team.

Last updated: ‎21/12/2023 08:57