About private housing


The Private Sector Housing Team consists of a strong multi-discipline team of staff. Each has specialist skills, knowledge and duties in a field that complements the overall function of the team.

We are responsible for home improvement grants, private sector housing advice and enforcement, energy conservation and empty homes.
Get detailed information on our services and opportunities that exist for improving the quality of your home.

As a landlord, you need a licence for some, but not all, homes in multiple occupation (HMOs). Find out about an HMO licence. In the borough of Hinckley & Bosworth, you don't need a licence to rent out other residential properties.

The team takes pride in its effort to ensure that homes in the borough are of a decent standard, safe, energy efficient and sustainable.

Information regarding financial assistance and other services offered through private sector housing is available on the website. 

Copies of our policies are available on request by contacting us on 01455 238141.

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