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Private water supplies


A private water supply is any water supply which is not provided by a water utility company (such as Severn Trent Water). The private water supply may come from:

  • Wells
  • Boreholes
  • Springs
  • Rivers or streams
  • Lakes or ponds
  • A private distribution system (mains water privately distributed by a third party who is not a water company)

We have a responsibility for regulating the private water supplies within our borough.

Risk assessments 

We are required to risk assess the quality of water supplies when:

  • The supply serves more than one house
  • The supply is used for commercial purposes including food businesses, hotels, holiday rentals, dairy farms and any workplace where people are employed
  • The supply is in a public building
  • It is a private distribution system that supplies two or more separate properties

The risk assessment covers all aspects of the water supply from its source through the distribution system to the final point of water use. It will identify risks of contamination and the appropriate control measures that are necessary. Please note that any officer conducting a risk assessment will need a person with knowledge of the supply system to be present at the time to ensure there is access to all relevant areas.


The following types of supplies are monitored:

  • Large and commercial supplies  - The frequency that these are monitored is dependent on the volume of the water supplied and the result of the risk assessment
  • Small supplies - The frequency that these are monitored is at least once every five years or is based on the risk assessment
  • Private supply dwelling - If you require monitoring of your private water supply: contact Environmental Health: Environmental Health contact form

Fees and charges

This is a chargeable service: see our fees and charges

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