Wayfinding (signage) strategy for Hinckley town centre

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What was it all about?

The council and partners worked with consultants to produce a draft Wayfinding (Signage) Strategy for Hinckley town centre with the aim of the Strategy being to improve the experience of being in and navigating through the town centre. Delivery of the strategy will help people feel safe, comfortable and confident in knowing where they are and being able to efficiently identify and then get to their chosen destination. The document included a review of existing signs within the town centre and set out design principles for proposed new high quality and consistent signs together with suggested locations. The new signs include totems, car park signs and finger posts with walking times between locations displayed, which should be particularly helpful for visitors to the town centre. Signs proposed for removal will be removed in phases rather than all in one go, and the new signs will be installed in phases as budgets allow.

How you got involved

You were asked to view the document and complete a short questionnaire during November and December 2021. The consultation ended on 17 December 2021. 


Your responses will be collated and assessed by the consultant team with a final Wayfinding Strategy produced. The final Strategy will be available and publicised during 2022.

Further information

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