Issues affecting bin collections

Why do problems occur?

Ice and snow

These are the most likely to cause delays to your collections. The wagons behave very differently to cars in these extreme conditions. Not all the roads are gritted and country lanes may be particularly bad. A wagon full of compacted waste could weigh around 26 tonnes. For the safety of both staff and public we may have to suspend or delay the service. We will resume a normal service as quickly as possible.

Gale force winds and storms

This type of extreme weather also impacts the use of the landfill sites. Occasionally they will need to close due to health and safety on the sites. When this happens we will need to divert the wagons to other parts of the county and sometimes into other counties. This will then cause a delay in completing the daily rounds due to the additional miles to get to these alternative disposal sites.

Last updated: ‎19/10/2023 16:24