Coronavirus pandemic

There have been changes to services due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please contact us if you require assistance. Get the latest service information, government news and business support and advice.

Coronavirus: information, advice and FAQs

Infectious waste

Infectious waste collections

We provide a collection service for infectious medical waste. This is often called 'clinical waste'. If you think you meet the criteria then the first thing to do is speak to your district nurse/doctor. They will then provide you with suitable yellow bags and they will contact us to confirm the collections required. Please note these collections are for infectious waste only.

Collections will vary according to the needs of the patient. Further details will be discussed with the district nurse/doctor.

Reduced service

Our clinical waste service will continue to run on a Wednesday, but will be on a fortnightly basis from 1 April until further notice.

We apologise for this inconvenience and ask that you are all extra vigilant during this time, infectious medical waste must be bagged using the yellow hazardous waste bags provided by your district nurse/doctor and must be securely tied up. Sharps boxes must be placed within the correct yellow sharps boxes and must be securely locked.

Due to the coronavirus, waste can be left out on the doorstep on your collection day. If the waste isn’t out, our staff will ring the door bell and then walk away to avoid any close contact. Please note our staff are not permitted to enter any properties during this time.

Regarding the coronavirus, current government information suggests that waste under 72 hours old could still pose a threat of infection from anyone who has the coronavirus, customers who are currently infected must store any clinical waste which is not 72 hours old, this waste will then be collected on the following fortnight. Please complete our streetscene contact form if you need to cancel your clinical waste or sharps box collection.

Your support during this time is very much appreciated.


Needles are often referred to as 'sharps'. Residents using needles (such as diabetics) will be using a 'sharps container' for disposal. We will arrange safe and free disposal of these containers. 

We will only be collecting sharps boxes when residents have five or more boxes, we advise you to securely seal boxes when they are full and safely store these until your collection day. This will help us to reduce the number of visits we have to make across the borough during this time. 

If you have five or more containers, then we can collect them from your home. You do have to be at home when we visit. We collect on Wednesday from 7am until 4pm. To organise the collection for a particular Wednesday, please contact us no later than 5pm the Monday before. We can't give you a specific time for collection

Get needles box collected

We realise there may be exceptional circumstances, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

To obtain replacement containers you will need to see your medical practitioner because these items will require a prescription.

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