Report graffiti

Graffiti - what is it, report it

When reporting graffiti, please provide the following information:

  • Whether the graffiti is offensive or non-offensive
  • Location of the graffiti:
    • Exact location (public toilet, park or open space, car park, street name and nearest landmark, village)
    • What3words location - You have the option of providing a What3words location (
  • Description of graffiti
  • When you noticed the graffiti
  • Your contact details (optional)

Please note we can provide you with a quotation to remove graffiti from your property.

Report graffiti

Alternatively, call our helpline on 01455 238141.

What is graffiti?

​Graffiti is any unauthorised marking, drawing or painting on walls, vehicles or any other public place.

Graffiti is unsightly and can lead to the decline of an area and a lack of respect for the place in which people live, work and play.

Graffiti is a criminal offence.

It is regarded as criminal damage and a prosecution may be brought:

  • If the value of damage is more than £5,000 - the maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment
  • If the value of damage is less than £5,000 - the maximum penalty is three months imprisonment or a fine of £2,500
  • If the offence is minor - a fixed penalty notice of £80 may be issued for minor graffiti offences. This is discounted to £60 for early payment within 10 days

Service standard:

  • Reported offensive graffiti - one working day 
  • Reported non-offensive graffiti - two to five working days

The council's Clean Neighbourhood Service is responsible for cleaning graffiti in public places. When offensive graffiti is reported, our quick response team can respond quickly and effectively to remove this. Please note, this does not include private land or property. The Clean Neighbourhood Service can provide quotes for removal should landowners experience graffiti on their private property.

Last updated: ‎20/06/2022 09:49