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Litter dropped from a vehicle

How to report this to us

Dropping litter (littering) from any vehicle, for example, car, van, lorry, scooter, is an offence where a fine (fixed penalty notice or FPN) can be issued to the person dropping the litter.

The fine can be issued by our Clean Neighbourhoods Team.

Stage one:

Complete our reporting form and tell us:

  • Vehicle details (make, model, colour, registration number)
  • The item(s) which were dropped or thrown
  • Date, time and location the littering took place
  • Your contact details

Report dropped litter

Stage two:

On receiving your form we will send out a witness statement for you to complete so that we can potentially issue a fine.

Stage three:

Return your signed witness statement to us within 14 days. This will allow us to investigate the offence and issue a fine, where possible.

Further information

More about litter

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