Supporting your independence

Scheme managers, support coordinators and relatives

Our scheme managers and support coordinators

The Scheme Manager ensures, as far as possible, the safety and wellbeing of the tenants. They are the person on the spot who observes or is informed of your needs.

Our support coordinators regularly attend schemes where more homes are bungalows and most do not have a communal front door.

Our staff will contact you at least once a day, either personally or on the call system, to ensure that all is well and that there is no need for medical or other assistance.

Should you be taken ill or have an accident they will make the necessary arrangements for the medical services or a relative to be called.

Our scheme managers and support coordinators are neither required nor permitted to carry out any nursing or domestic duties. Their function is to work in partnership with our call centre operators to provide emergency help and general assistance of a neighbourly kind until relatives can be contacted or other arrangements made. It is vital that the limitations of the service is fully understood and accepted by all.

The role of relatives

Some relatives have thought that once a relative is living in sheltered accommodation, there is no further need on their part to visit or assist.

Nothing could be further from the truth; your relative will still require your regular contact and the Scheme Manager will call on them in times of difficulty or emergency in order that they can assist and deal with the problem.

The role of social and care services

Some of our residents will need to apply for additional services to support their independence. There is a wide range of information available from adult social care (

Additional information and support is available from Age UK Leicestershire & Rutland (

Last updated: 20/11/2023 12:33