Taxi fares

Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles

All Hackney carriages (taxis) are fitted with meters, which should be used for each journey. Taxi meters calculate the fare based on the distance travelled and any 'waiting time' which includes time when the taxi is stopped in traffic. Fares are fixed for each vehicle by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council; a fare card must be displayed inside the taxi. Passengers should refer to the fare card to see if the correct fare is being charged. If in doubt as to the correct fare being charged, passengers are advised to request a receipt from the driver.

Private hire vehicles do not need to have a fare meter fitted. It is advisable to agree the fare at the time of the booking and to ensure that the cost is confirmed with the driver before the journey. Where meters are fitted, the council tests them for accuracy.

Tariff one: the day rate

The minimum taxi fare is £2.80 and it rises in 24p increments for each additional 176 yards. As a guide to what your journey may cost, the first mile will be £4 and each subsequent mile will be £2.40.

There are extra charges where there's more than one passenger, and for telephone pre-bookings.

Tariff two

To be used for all journeys starting:

  • Between 10:30pm and 6am
  • On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve between the hours of 6pm and midnight
  • On bank and public holidays except Christmas Day and New Year's Day

The initial switch on charge is now £4.20 and it rises in 36p increments for each additional 176 yards.

Tariff three

To be used for all journeys starting:

  • On Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year's Day

The initial charge is £5.60 and it rises in 48p increments each additional 176 yards.

All the details are on the fare card which should be displayed in each Hackney carriage (taxi).

The current fare structure came into force on 13 April 2022.

The responsibility of providing a safe, efficient and courteous service lies in part with the driver, vehicle proprietor and operator.

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