The council's procurement strategy

Other procurement strategies

Best value

Best value is a statutory duty on local authorities to deliver services to clear standards, including both cost and quality, by the most effective, economic and efficient means available. As a local authority, we are required to procure in a manner designed to achieve best value. Key features of best value in relation to procurement are to:

  • Improve the quality of service to the public
  • Embrace the concept of the 'price-quality' relationship
  • Select the economically most advantageous rather than best price

National Procurement Strategy

The National Procurement Strategy produced by Central Government sets out procurement goals for all local authorities to achieve within the next three years. The council has a procurement improvement plan with targets to guide us in meeting the aims of the strategy.

The main themes of the strategy are to:

  • Provide leadership and build capacity
  • Partnering and collaboration
  • Do business electronically
  • Stimulate markets and achieving community benefits
  • Have vision for the future

E-procurement programme

In order to comply with the National Procurement Strategy, the council is currently working towards the sourcing of an appropriate e-procurement solution.

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