Pay us - invoices and overpayments

What is an invoice

Invoices are raised for various types of income due to the council. This can be payment for a market stall, piper alarms, industrial rents, hire of sports facilities, rent of garage plots, right of way, pest control and many others.

If you wish to query any invoices, please contact the debtors section on 01455 255627.

What if I am having difficulty in paying? 

It is important that you contact the debtors section as soon as possible, as failure to make payment will result in recovery through the county court. It may be possible to pay by instalments; you will need to complete an income and expenditure form to allow us to agree a reasonable instalment plan.

What if I receive a claim form (summons)? 

If you have still not paid your bill after having received a reminder and a final notice, you will be issued with a summons by the county court. In order to avoid being registered with a county court judgement, which will affect your credit rating, you must pay the amount shown on the claim form (summons) immediately.

If you are unable to pay the full amount and you wish to make an offer of instalment payments ,you should complete the admission form attached to the claim form. This will not prevent you having a county court judgement against you but will prevent enforcement actions, such as the bailiff being instructed.

If you genuinely believe you do not owe any money you should complete the defence form attached to the claim form and return it to the court as soon as possible. You will then be required to attend court to state your case to the judge, who will make a decision based on the facts presented to him.

For enquiries regarding recovery action please contact 01455 255627.

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