Battery collections

The kerbside service

Household batteries will now be collected as part of the fortnightly kerbside collections.

As and when you need to use this service, place the batteries into an unwanted plastic bag, tie the bag up and then put this bag next to your blue lidded wheeled bin on your scheduled collection day. See separate page on safety guidance which is essential if mixing different types of batteries in the same bag/container.

Portable batteries only

This service is for the small household batteries also known as 'portable batteries'. Examples are AAA cells, mobile phone batteries and button cell batteries. Portable batteries can also be of mixed sizes and chemistries such as alkaline, lithium, nickel cadmium and so on. These are the types of batteries found in such items as toys, clocks, mobile phones and watch batteries. We cannot provide a full list of suitable batteries, so please see the guidance below, which details what a portable battery is:

  • Sealed
  • Capable of being hand carried by the average person without difficulty
  • Not an automotive battery
  • Not an industrial battery
  • Available for purchase by the general public

To recycle your car batteries please take them to the recycling and household waste sites (managed by the Leicestershire County Council) or use the exchange system in place with suppliers. 

Last updated: ‎16‎/‎01‎/‎2018‎ ‎15‎:‎25‎