Garden (green waste) recycling service

Items we don't collect

Unsuitable items

The following list are examples of common unsuitable items:

  • Soil or old compost
  • Turf
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Slabs, stones or garden rubble
  • Treated wood - fence posts/panels and so on
  • Old or broken garden tools
  • Garden chemicals
  • Plant pots
  • Animal bedding or waste (place in your black bin)
  • Food waste - including fruit and vegetable peelings (place in your black bin)
  • Cardboard or paper (place in your blue lidded bin)
  • General waste (put this in your black bin)

All garden waste must be loose. Due to restrictions at the composting site, we cannot collect any food waste, fruit or vegetable peelings, on this service.

The composting process at the farm site is different to composting in your own garden and is regulated by the Environment Agency. Therefore, certain products/materials are unsuitable. Cardboard and paper are unsuitable. Please use the alternative services provided.

Please note: the collection crews have been instructed to inspect the brown lidded wheeled bins and not to empty any bins containing unsuitable materials.

Further information

Some unsuitable items for your brown lidded bin may be placed your black bin. More information on how to dispose of items ( what we don't collect. 

If you need advise on how to dispose of the more unusual items, then please get in touch.

Further information:

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