Recycling - kerbside service

Suitable items for the bins with caddies

Use the caddy for:

Paper and cardboard

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Junk mail
  • Clean cardboard (dirty cardboard, for example take-away pizza boxes, is unsuitable)

Greetings cards

You can recycle greetings cards as long as they don’t contain glitter, plastic, metal or similar. If they do, please put them in your refuse bin. All greetings cards can be taken to a recycling bank for cards. Please contact us if you are not sure.

Shredded paper

  • Make sure this is kept secure to prevent it blowing around when the caddy is emptied
  • Small quantities can be wrapped in newspaper or put inside a cereal box and then put into the caddy
  • Larger quantities, or where the caddy is full, should be placed into an unwanted cardboard box and placed next to your recycling containers. Shredded paper cannot be taken if it is presented in plastic bags.
  • Do not put paper or cardboard into the wheeled bin. If you always have lots of paper/cardboard then please use our contact form to order a reusable yellow bag which can then be placed next to your bin/caddy on the collection day.

Large pieces of cardboard will also be taken - just flatten and place next to the recycling bin on the collection day.

Note: For the majority of homes the inner caddy will be large enough for all your paper and cardboard. If you need extra space then you are welcome to use the old style yellow bag as well as the caddy or you can contact us for an additional bin/caddy set. Extra containers are available without charge.

Caddy damaged or missing

Let us know if your caddy is damaged or missing. Replacements will be provided without charge.

Use the main part of the wheeled bin for:

All items need to be washed and loose (not in plastic bags).


  • Plastic bottles of all types, which need to be empty
  • Plastic yoghurt pots and similar items
  • Plastic tubs, for example margarine, ice cream tubs or similar
  • Plastic trays which hold fruit or meat, but not the cellophane wrappings that secure the contents to the tray.

Remember, no black plastic, no plastic bags.  These items need to go into the refuse bin, although some supermarkets do provide plastic bag recycling points.


  • Glass bottles (all colours)
  • Glass jars (all colours)

Note: Other types of glass (pyrex, window glass, mirrors) are unsuitable for this particular recycling. Bins with unsuitable items cannot be emptied. Bottle tops are unsuitable because they are made from a mixture of items.

Food and drink tins/cans

  • Aluminium and steel food/drink tins/cans including sweet/biscuit tins
  • Aerosols, must be empty
  • Aluminium foil trays, must be clean 

Note: These items are recycled into the same type of product, therefore, other metal items (for example scrap metal, kitchen pots and pans) are unsuitable.


  • Food/liquid cartons, such as long life milk, fruit juice, soup. These are often called 'tetrapak'

We also collect:

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