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Items we don't recycle

Unsuitable items for the blue-lidded bin

We cannot empty the blue-lidded bin if it contains items which we do not recycle.

Examples of unsuitable items are:

  • Glass:
    • Mirrors *
    • Window panes *
    • Light bulbs – including long-life and fluorescent *
    • Pyrex *
  • Plastics:
    • Black plastic - put in your black bin
    • Hard/rigid plastics – such as toys and coat hangers *
    • Plant pots and trays *
  • Electrical items *
  • Business waste - visit recycling collections for business
  • Garden items:
    • Garden waste - put in your brown bin
    • Wood *
    • String, rope, hose pipe *
  • Household items:
    • Household waste - put in your black bin
    • Photos - put in your black bin
    • Videos, DVDs, CDs, cassettes - put in your black bin
    • Textiles and shoes – put in a red bag
    • Wrapping paper/tissue paper - put in your black bin
    • Polystyrene - put in your black bin
  • Other items:
    • Paint tins *
    • Knives *
    • Needles – put in your sharps box
    • Shot gun cartridges *
    • Metals other than aluminium and steel tins/cans - put in your black bin

* Visit how to dispose of items ( to find out how to get rid of these items.

The above are examples; it is not an exhaustive list.

Remember, extra paper and cardboard can be left next to the wheeled bin.

Further information

Some unsuitable items for your blue-lidded bin may be placed in your black bin, brown bin, red bag or sharps box.

More information on how to dispose of items ( we don't collect.

Information regarding the location of banks for disposal of small electrical appliances

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