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The facility to manage business rates will be unavailable 20 to 26 February. The facility to manage council tax and benefits will be unavailable 22 to 26 February. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Cartons collections

The kerbside service


Food/liquid cartons, such as long life milk, fruit juice, soup. These are often called 'Tetra Pak'.

Drinks cartons may look like cardboard on the outside, but they are lined with plastics on the inside, which makes them leak-proof. This mixture of materials can still be recycled, please put them in your blue lidded wheeled bin.

Handy hint: It's best to give all food containers a quick rinse out and then squash them up.

If in doubt, then please phone us and find out. 

Crisp tubes

Crisp tubes (such as Pringles)

Last updated: 23/08/2022 14:01