Neighbourhood development plans (NDPs)

Who can prepare a neighbourhood plan?

Neighbourhood plans, unlike other plans, are prepared by a qualifying body and not by the local council. The two types of qualifying body are:

Parish and town councils

In areas where a parish or town council exists, these are the only bodies that can prepare a neighbourhood plan.

A neighbourhood plan for parished areas should cover at least part of the parish area but does not have to cover the whole area. The plan can even span parish boundaries with the consent of the parish councils involved.

Other than Hinckley, all areas in the borough fall within a parish boundary.

Neighbourhood forums

The only area in the borough without a parish or town council is Hinckley.

In the Hinckley urban area, community members can come together to establish a neighbourhood forum. There are particular rules to adhere to when establishing a neighbourhood forum, such as:

  • Only one forum can be established per area
  • It must have at least 21 members
  • It must be open to new members
  • It should be representative

Last updated: ‎14/12/2022, 09:30