Lost and damaged bin, caddy or bag

Replace a lost or damaged container

To request a replacement container please use the form below.

Damaged containers

We will repair or replace free of charge any bins, lids, bin wheels or other containers that are damaged through reasonable wear and tear or which our crew has damaged. If you accidentally damage your bin, a £35.75 charge will apply.

Lost or stolen containers

We will replace one lost or stolen bin free of charge in a five year period provided you give us a crime reference number. If a bin is lost or stolen from your property again or you do not have a crime reference number, a £35.75 charge will apply.

Lost or stolen caddies and bags are replaced free of charge.

Sizes of caddies:

  • Standard size to fit a 240 litre wheeled bin - this caddy has a handle each side
  • Slim caddy to fit a 140 litre wheeled bin - this caddy has a single lift up handle

Request a bin or other container

What is the charge for?

The £35.75 charge is for replacement and delivery. This can be paid by debit or credit card when you request your replacement bin.

Replacing bins, caddies and bags

We aim to replace your container within five working days. If we are replacing your garden waste bin we will send you a new sticker.

Preventing your bins, caddies and bags from going missing

To prevent loss or theft, please return your bins/containers to a secure place after collection. 

Getting a crime reference number

Report stolen bins to Leicestershire Police by telephone on 101, you will be given a crime reference number. Provide this number to us when reporting your stolen bin.

Who owns the bins?

All bins remain the property of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council at all times.

Last updated: 29/12/2017 09:23