Sunday 21 July

Due to maintenance, the facility to pay online and our online application forms where we take a payment will be unavailable for two hours from 4:30am to 6:30am. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Larger bins

How to apply

You can now replace your small garden waste bin or your small recycling bin with a standard size bin (a 240 litre bin).

However, you can't choose the size of your refuse bin; this is determined by the number of permanent residents at your home:

  • One or two residents are eligible for a 140 litre bin
  • Three or four residents are eligible for a 240 litre bin. This is our standard size bin
  • Five or six residents are eligible for a 360 litre wheeled bin
  • Larger families? We provide a combination of bins

To replace your existing bin, tell us:

  • Address (where the bin is required)
  • Your name, telephone number and email address
  • Which bin(s) you would like to replace
  • Size of your existing bin (larger refuse bin only)
  • Names of each resident in your home (larger refuse bin only)

Delivery is within five working days.

Apply for a larger bin

Alternatively, request a larger bin by phone on 01455 238141 or visit the Hinckley Hub.

If you are unsure whether your family will qualify for a larger refuse bin or have any questions, then please contact us.

Medical needs

If you use your refuse bin for high volume medical waste, we may be able to provide you with a larger bin. Apply for a larger bin as above, providing details of your medical waste.

Last updated: 24/08/2023 12:00