Recycling - request for extra containers


Extra recycling containers can be provided free of charge upon request:

  • If you always have lots of recycling, then an extra wheeled bin with caddy may be the best option. They come in two sizes: 240 litre bin with a 55 litre caddy and 140 litre bin with a 19 litre caddy
  • If you are one of the few properties still using bags and boxes and need extra containers, please phone us on 01455 238141 to discuss

To order your additional container, tell us:

  • Address (where the bin and/or bag is required)
  • Your name, telephone number and email address
  • Which container(s) you would like (bin and/or bag)
  • Size of bin you would like

Delivery is within five working days.

Request extra containers

Alternatively, request an extra container by phone on 01455 238141 or visit the Hinckley Hub.


  • If you occasionally have lots of cans, cartons or plastics you can just squash the plastics and cans to create extra room in your bin
  • You can put extra items in a clear bag to make it obvious to the collection crew that these are recycling items and not rubbish
  • Larger pieces of cardboard can be flattened and placed next to your wheeled bin, but you can order a yellow reusable bag if you regularly have more cardboard and paper to recycle
  • Caddies cannot be provided on their own to sit on the ground because the contents can come out
  • Do not put paper/cardboard into the main part of the wheeled bin

Last updated: 29/12/2017 11:54