Guidance on permitted development rights

Permitted development requiring prior notification

As of 1 August 2021, there are changes to use classes and to development requirements for prior notification. 

For some development proposals, you are required to notify the local planning authority (in our case Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council) prior to starting any work. Examples listed below.

Schedule 2 part 1 - development within the curtilage of a dwelling house

  • Class A(g) - Larger householder extension

Further information: Extensions: neighbour consultation scheme (

Schedule 2 part 3 - changes of use

  • Class A - Casino, betting office, pay day loan shop or hot food takeaway to commercial, business and service
  • Class G - Commercial, business and service or betting office or pay day loan shop to mixed use
  • Class H - Mixed use to commercial, business and service or betting office or pay day loan shop
  • Class I - Industrial conversions
  • Class L - Small HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) to dwellinghouses (a house) and vice versa
  • Class M - Certain uses to residential
  • Class MA - Commercial, business and services uses to dwellinghouses
  • Class N - Specified sui generis (not within an identified use class) use to dwellinghouses
  • Class O - Offices to dwellinghouses
  • Class P - Storage or distribution centre to dwellinghouse
  • Class PA - Premises in light industrial use to dwellinghouses
  • Class Q - Agricultural buildings to dwellinghouses
  • Class R - Agricultural buildings to a flexible commercial use
  • Class S - Agricultural building to state-funded school 
  • Class T - Commercial, business and service, hotels etc to state-funded schools or registered nursery
  • Class U -  Return to previous use from converted state-funded school or registered nursery
  • Class V - Changes of use permitted under a permission granted on an application

Further information: Change of use - planning permission (

Schedule 2 part 6 - agricultural and forestry

  • Class A - agricultural development on units of 5 hectares or more
  • Class B - agricultural development on units of less than 5 hectares

Further information: Application for prior notification of proposed agricultural or forestry development (PDF) (

Schedule 2 part 11 - heritage and demolition

  • Class B - Demolition of buildings

Further information: Application for prior notification of proposed demolition (PDF) (

Please note there are other types of development that require prior notification. Please contact us, the local planning authority, for further information.

Last updated: ‎22/08/2023 08:59