Pre-application advice - overview

We offer a pre-application advice service

By allowing a planning officer to review your development proposal before it is submitted as a formal application, the officer can spot any key issues early on and work to fix them where practicable.

This will not only improve the quality of your application but also avoid any expensive mistakes later on. In many cases, it can also help speed up the assessment of a planning application once it has been registered.

Please note that pre-application advice is only an informal opinion and does not constitute a formal or guaranteed outcome, nor prejudice the formal consideration of any application by the council against local and national planning policies and current guidance at the time a formal application is received.

The advice that we provide does not include any feedback from local consultation. This would be part of the formal application process. It is strongly advised that applicants discuss their proposals with neighbours or other parties interested in the relevant site before submitting a formal planning applications.

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