My account and online forms: accessibility

Current issues

We have identified the following accessibility issues with 'my account' and online forms, provided by Granicus. Granicus is aware of the issues and is looking to resolve them in the near future.

WCAG 2.1 A Criterion 1.3.1 Info and relationships


  • Not all form controls have labels
  • Not all pages contains a heading
  • Some labels in the document fragment don't point to valid IDs

WCAG 2.1 A Criterion 1.4.1 Use of color


  • Some links are only distinguished by color

WCAG 2.1 AA Criterion 1.4.10 Reflow


  • Pages scroll in two dimensions on small screens

WCAG 2.1 AA Criterion 1.4.4 Resize text


  • Pinch-to-zoom isn't always enabled
  • The same link text is used for different destinations

WCAG 2.1 AA Criterion 1.3.5 Identify input purpose


  • The purpose of some fields isn't identified programmatically

Results produced by Silktide accessibility checker on 14 September 2020.

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