Housing application check list

Proofs required when submitting a housing application

When completing a housing application, all household members on your application must provide the following:

Proof of identity:

  • Photo identification such as driving licence, passport or bus pass. Birth certificates will be accepted if no photo ID is available, however if your name has changed, please provide evidence of this change, for example change of name deed poll, marriage certificate

Proof of address:

  • A utility bill (for example gas, electric, council tax or telephone) or bank statements within the last three months

Bank statements:

  • All household members over 18 years old must provide statements related to the last two months for all building society accounts, post office savings accounts and bank accounts they hold


  • All household members over 18 years old must provide proof of income. This can be one monthly or two weekly wage slips (most recent), proofs of benefits (showing amount received, we can take these off your bank statements). If self-employed, you will need to provide last year's previous accounts. We will also accept bank statements if self-employed. If you are in receipt of a private pension, we must see your monthly pay slips or most recent P45

If you answered any questions which says 'proof needed', further supporting documents will be required. These are:

Children/access to children

  • Copy of child benefits payment for children who live with you permanently. Access to children will need to be evidenced via a court order or a signed access agreement letter from the person with parental responsibility. Access will only be considered where you have overnight access to a child for at least two nights per week, every week. Access will not be taken into account when you already have children as permanent household members. If you only have access to children, you will be considered for a two bedroom upper floor flat, and not a house


  • Copy of NHS confirmation of expected due date for example. MATB1 form, copy of pregnancy notes or scan letter

Tenancy agreement

  • Copy of current tenancy agreement


  • Last two months bank statements for all current accounts, annual statements for ISA, bonds, annuities, for example. Completion statement if you have sold a property within the last 12 months

Owner of any accommodation

  • Most recent mortgage statement and recent valuation of the property


  • Letter from landlord or mortgage provider showing outstanding mortgage or rent arrears and details of payment plans in place

Immigration status

  • Letter from immigration directorate, visa or passport (all pages and original documents must be seen)

Local/village connection (question eight on application form)

  • Further details may be requested depending upon individual circumstances. For example: utility bill, tenancy agreement or phone bill. You will need to provide one of these dated at least five years old, and a current dated one. Where possible, we will confirm this information with our Council Tax Service

Permission to obtain rent reference form

  • Please complete and return a permission to obtain rent reference form. This can be collected from the council reception, or can be sent to your address if requested

Photocopies of the original documents are accepted, with the exception of immigration documentation. We cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of any original documents sent through the post. Once your application is picked up by a housing registration assessment officer, they may identify further evidence that is required, and they will contact you via your preferred method of communication to request this documentation.

Applications submitted where evidence is not provided within 14 days will be closed down automatically and you will not be considered for social housing. For further information, or for advice and assistance, please contact a member of the Housing Options service on 01455 238141.

Last updated: 18/10/2023 09:19