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Finding a home: accessibility


We use the Jigsaw platform to enable residents to register for and find a home.

We have identified the following accessibility issues of which we have made Jigsaw aware.

Further information

Jigsaw currently doesn't meet the following WCAG criteria:

WCAG A 1.1.1 Non-text content

  • Some images inside links don't have alternative text specified

WCAG A Criterion 4.1.1 Parsing

  • Some ID attributes aren't unique

WCAG A Criterion 1.3.1

  • Some table headers don't define a valid scope attribute

WCAG AA Criterion 1.3.5 Identify input purpose

  • Some forms fields aren't identified programmatically

WCAG AA Criterion 1.4.3

  • Some text doesn't have sufficient contrast with its background

WCAG AA Criterion 1.4.11

  • Some form controls don't appear sufficiently distinct from their surroundings

Results produced by Silktide accessibility checker on 8 May 2023

Last updated: ‎09/05/2023 12:28