Further business rate reliefs available

Relief for charities and other nonprofit making organisations

Charitable relief

Charities are entitled to relief from business rates on properties which are occupied or mainly occupied for charitable purposes.

Section 67(10), Local Government Finance Act 1988 defines a 'charity' as 'an institution or other organisation established for charitable purposes only, or any persons administering a trust established for charitable purposes only'.

Mandatory relief is awarded at a level of 80% of the full charge, however, a further 20% may be available at our discretion. Registered community amateur sports clubs are also entitled to a mandatory 80% relief.

Apply for charitable relief

Nonprofit organisations

Properties occupied by certain nonprofit organisations may also be eligible for relief at the discretion of the council. These organisations may include resident associations and sporting and youth clubs.

To apply for this relief please contact the Business Rates Team.

Please note:

You may be entitled to both charitable relief and discretionary relief.

You will need to include the organisation's constitution, articles of association and the latest set of audited accounts. 

For further information, please contact Business Rates.

22/01/2024 13:03