Action for nature in the county

How we can help protect and extend our natural environment

Leicestershire has a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) which need to be protected and maintained.

‘Action for Nature’ is designed to protect and improve Leicestershire’s biodiversity and environment through green infrastructure provisions. This includes creating space for nature to thrive as well as enhance existing areas. ‘Action for Nature’ aims to prevent and mitigate the loss of habitats.

The plan highlights key areas of focus including rivers through the river basin management plan, wetlands and the decline in grasslands and mature trees across the county. Protecting biodiversity and natural space aligns with the council’s declaration of a climate emergency due to the sequestration of carbon. There is uncertainty about how climate change is likely to impact biodiversity, so ensuring there are protective measures in place is key.

The council will ensure sustainability is embedded within the delivery and running of council services. We aim to work collaboratively with all councils across Leicestershire to deliver the desired outcomes to protect and extend our natural environment. For more information please visit biodiversity and action for nature (

Last updated: 27/06/2023 12:48