Climate change - schools

Partnerships work with schools: children and young people

Voice Forum

We run a Voice Forum for young people aged 11 to19 who live in or go to school in Hinckley and Bosworth. The group meets once a month on the first Wednesday. The young people have the opportunity to share their views on climate change and become involved in climate change projects. In partnership with the young people from our Hinckley and Bosworth Voice Forum, we have produced resources for primary and secondary schools with suggestions to help them to become more eco-friendly.

For more information about our Voice Forum, or if you are a young person aged 11 to 19 and want to get involved, please contact:


We offer climate change workshops in primary and secondary schools. This allows us to engage with schools in the borough to see what climate change activity they are already taking part in and how we can support with this. During the workshops, the groups are asked to think about what activities they do that emit carbon, as well as to consider what activities happen in schools that emit carbon. The groups then look at how they could reduce the amount of carbon they emit, both at home and at school. 

We also offer interactive litter workshops in our schools. 

We have organised several tree planting events during 2022, which have involved more than 100 children and young people from nurseries and primary and secondary schools. The children and young people assisted with the planting of the trees. We have also organised litter picks where children and young people from schools and Scout and Brownie groups within Hinckley and Bosworth have assisted us. We will be in touch with schools and use our social media platforms to share details of any future events we are organising.

We also have a litter volunteer scheme and have packs that schools can borrow to organise their own litter picks. 

For more information about our work in schools, or if you would like to book one of our workshops, please contact 

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities that schools can access are sent out via email. Current funding opportunities that schools can access are: 


New apps that we become aware of are shared with schools. Some apps you might find useful are: 

  • Too good to go – your local shops advertise food that is most likely going to be thrown out to help fight food waste
  • For good – check your carbon footprint and ways you can reduce this
  • Vinted - Buy and sell preloved clothes, toys and homeware

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