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Climate change - biodiversity

More about biodiversity

We will manage our land and work in partnership with others to protect, celebrate, increase and enhance biodiversity.

The council’s biodiversity:

  • We will review our grounds maintenance operations to increase biodiversity. This will include reviewing chemical use to control weeds and mowing regimes
  • We will maintain and increase our current tree stock, hedgerows, and woodlands on council owned land
  • We will implement the biodiversity actions with the Green Space Strategy and develop a plan for biodiversity improvements to our housing land

The borough’s biodiversity:

  • We will continue our residents' free tree scheme
  • We will deliver biodiversity net gain, green infrastructure projects, and protect at risk species through our planning services

In partnership:

  • We will support biodiversity work at a County level through the climate and nature pact, local nature recovery strategies and the Green Living Leicestershire Partnership
  • We will seek to build capacity and support our local parishes and communities to increase biodiversity

Last updated:13/02/2024 09:29