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Climate change - energy efficiency

About energy efficiency

All households, businesses and community organisations will need to be involved in reducing the amount of carbon caused by our energy consumption. This can be done by:

  • Replacing gas, oil and fossil fuels with renewable electricity
  • Improving insulation of buildings, particularly in cavity walls, lofts and floors and making sure all windows are double glazed
  • Minimising the use of lights and appliances. Turn off when not being used and use the low energy options available. Purchase appliances with A+ or A energy ratings
  • You can use an energy monitor to help reduce your usage. You will be able to see the impact of turning off each appliance or leaving it on too long
  • Switching to 'green' energy tariffs
  • Investing In 'green' energy sources for home or work purposes

What is green energy?

When we talk of “green energy” we mean generating electricity using technologies such as hydro, solar, wave or wind power that do not deplete the earth’s resources. The Government is currently investing heavily in off-shore wind, which plans make the main source of household electricity by 2030.

Community energy projects can help to generate electricity locally. Further information on community energy schemes (

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