How to end your council tenancy

Terminating your tenancy agreement

If you wish to terminate your council tenancy you must give a minimum of four weeks' notice in writing, which will expire on a Monday. You will need to complete the relevant paperwork which will include completing a notice to quit form, and reading and signing a ‘terminating your tenancy’ checklist. To request this paperwork, please contact the Housing Options Team by completing our contact form or by calling us on 01455 238141. 

In exceptional circumstances (for example, the death of a sole or joint tenant, or when a sole or joint tenant moves into residential care), we will accept less than the minimum four weeks' notice. A copy of the death certificate is required where the sole or joint tenant has died. If the sole or joint tenant has gone into residential care, we will require a signed letter from the care home confirming the permanent placement and the date from when this placement became permanent.

In these circumstances, please contact the Housing Options Team on 01455 238141.

Please make sure that you clear all belongings out of your property, including carpets. You may be subject to a recharge if any belongings are left in the property.

Please be advised that the rent for the property will still be charged until all keys are returned to the council. A final payment agreement needs to be made on returning the keys to the property.

You may be recharged for any damage caused to the property which is identified once the property has been returned to us.

It is your responsibility to inform all other departments, such as Council Tax and Housing Benefits, that you are vacating your address.

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