About Fairtrade

Why choose Fairtrade?

Where can I find Fairtrade products?
Fairtrade products started in the UK in 1994. During this time, Fairtrade products have grown and grown, so much so that there are currently are over 3,000 different products which have been awarded the Fairtrade mark. Fairtrade products are now widely available and can be found in most mainstream supermarkets, health food shops and other retail outlets as well as on Hinckley Market. Many churches also sell Fairtrade items through Traidcraft, a Christian Aid organisation which was one of the founding members of Fairtrade movement.

Why Fairtrade?
In many circumstances producers in the Third World do not get paid enough to cover the cost of growing their crop or making their product. This can lead to the loss of their homes and land. Fairtrade products are guaranteed to cover the cost of sustainable production which allows many poor small farmers to trade their way out of poverty. Users of the mark must also pay a premium that allows producers to invest in development and they must sign contracts that allow for long term planning and sustainable production practices. This ensures decent and safe working conditions, provision of healthcare and education for the workers and their children.

Buying Fairtrade locally
Fairtrade products are now widely available from supermarkets, local co-ops and some churches and community centres. The outlets include supermarkets, churches, community centres, tearooms, hotels and restaurants.

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