The trees in our scheme

Hazel tree

Picture displaying a mature and a young hazel tree for the free trees scheme 2023

An excellent choice for an urban garden as it is small, colourful, shade tolerant, and resistant to air pollution. Long yellow lamb's tail catkins appear in mid-February, followed by bright green leaves in the summer, and hazelnuts in the autumn. These nuts are food for local wildlife, including jays, woodpeckers, and nuthatches.

 Growing/planting information:

  • Normal mature height: 10 metres
  • Safe planting distance from buildings: minimum five metres
  • Estimated growth: 40cm to 60cm per year
  • Estimated life span: 80 years plus

Trees available:

Planting your trees

Please read our planting information to ensure you have the space to plant a hazel tree, and understand the maintenance that will be needed:

Ordering your trees

To order trees online, and for more information about our free trees scheme, please visit:

Last updated: 26/10/2023 10:32