The trees in our scheme

Field maple tree

Photograph displaying a mature and a young field maple tree for the free trees scheme 2023

Pollution fighter, autumn stunner, syrup maker. The field maple is a sturdy broadleaf which supports caterpillars, aphids and all their predators, all while resisting air pollution. The bark is light brown and flaky, and twigs are slender and brown and develop a corky bark with age. Small, grey leaf buds grow on long stems. 

Growing/planting information:

  • Normal mature height: 15m
  • Safe planting distance from buildings: minimum 20 metres
  • Estimated annual growth: 40cm to 60cm 
  • Estimated life span: 350 years 

Trees available:

Planting your trees

Please read our planting information to ensure you have the space to plant a field maple tree, and understand the maintenance that will be needed:

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