The trees in our scheme

Birch tree

Mature and young silver birch tree

One of the UK’s hardiest native trees, supporting over 300 species of insects. Often called the Lady of the Woods, this tree is a good choice for a medium to large garden and has papery, peeling bark. Small leaves turn yellow in the autumn and tiny seeds are dispersed by the wind, making this a good choice for anyone concerned about berries and small children or pets. They are also less of a problem to manage in the autumn, during leaf fall.

Growing/planting information:

  • Normal mature height: 14 metres
  • Safe planting distance to buildings: minimum four metres
  • Estimated annual growth: 40cm
  • Estimated life span: 30 to 70 years plus

Trees available:

Planting your trees

Please read our planting information to ensure you have the space to plant a birch tree, and understand the maintenance that will be needed:

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