The trees in our scheme

Rowan tree

Mature and young rowan tree

A narrow and graceful tree with fern-like leaves which turn a beautiful, burnt orange in autumn. Tolerant of air pollution, these trees are perfect for urban gardens. In spring, creamy white flowers are a haven for pollinators, while in autumn the tree is covered with clusters of red berries, which are feasted on by birds and mammals, particularly blackbirds and thrushes.

Growing/planting information:

  • Normal mature height: 12 metres
  • Safe planting distance from buildings: minimum seven metres
  • Estimated growth: 20cm to 40cm per year
  • Estimated life span: 30 to 70 years

Trees available:

Planting your trees

Please read our planting information to ensure you have the space to plant a rowan tree, and understand the maintenance that will be needed:

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