Sunday 21 July

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The hedging in our scheme

About the hedging

Hedges can screen sheds, fences and buildings, or divide up a garden. They provide corridors and connections for wildlife to move between gardens and across land. This makes them really important safe spaces for wildlife, to move between habitats as they forage. They are also important for nesting birds, and an important source of winter berries and other foods.

For commercial premises, they can be used around the edge of hard surfacing (for example, car parks) or along boundary fences and walls to add wildlife value.

The hedging was provided in five-metre bundles, with five small shrubs (20cm to 60cm shrubs) provided per metre. It consists of hawthorn and one tree per 5m pack. This can be allowed to grow to full height or cut as part of the hedge.

Planting your hedge

Please read our planting information to ensure you have the space to plant the hedge, and understand the maintenance that will be needed:

If you intend to keep your hedge compact, you can prune the hawthorn to stop it from reaching its mature height. Make you don't prune during the bird nesting season. Please also carefully measure the length of hedge you want to plant.

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