The hedging in our scheme


Mature and young hawthorn crataegus tree

This thorny shrub with dense foliage makes a great hedge. Spring brings bright white and pink blossom, which is highly scented and loved by bees. In the autumn, the small leaves turn a pale yellow and there are deep red berries that feed birds during the winter months. A fantastic tree for wildlife, supporting over 300 different species of insects. 

Growing and planting information:

  • Normal mature height: 10 metres
  • Safe planting distance from buildings: seven metres
  • Maximum recorded root spread: 12 metres
  • Estimated growth: 40cm to 60 cm per year
  • Estimated life span: common to reach over 100 years

The hedging will be packed in five metres lengths. There will be hawthorn shrubs and one tree for every 5 metres. The tree will be one of the four trees available.

Last updated: 09/10/2023 11:20