How to apply for sex shop licence

Fees and how to apply


The current application fee for a sex establishment licence is £1000.

Should an application fail, the council will not refund the entire fee. This is because the cost of the application covers the costs of the council for:

  • Administration of the application
  • Site visit
  • Legal charges for advice/solicitors attendance at the hearing
  • Fees associated with setting up the Licensing Committee hearing
  • Planning officers' time
  • Licensing officers' time

How to apply

Before applying, please read the guidance notes and standard conditions for a sex establishment venue:

You can apply online for a sex establishment licence.

Apply for a sex shop licence

Alternatively, we can send you an application form: Contact Licensing

Time period for council to normally approve the application

Two months.

What happens if your application is not processed by this council within the normal approved time period (Tacit consent)

It is in the public interest that this council must process the application. It may be required to consult other external agencies prior to making a decision, therefore should you not receive confirmation that your licence application has been granted or rejected within two months of submission, you may not commence your business.

If you have not heard from us in that time period, please contact Licensing

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