How to apply for a lottery registration

Purpose and tickets specifications

A small society lottery may be promoted for any of the purposes for which the promoting society is conducted - Gambling Act 2005.


The proceeds of one lottery may not exceed £20,000. The sum of proceeds from lotteries promoted wholly or partly during that year may not exceed £250,000.

Maximum prize

It must not be possible for the purchaser of a ticket in the lottery to win, whether in money or prizes (or a mix of both) more than £25,000.

Distribution of proceeds

A small society lottery must ensure that at least 20 per cent of the proceeds are used for the proposed purpose.


There is no price limit on tickets but they must all cost the same, and the possible proceeds must not exceed £20,000.

Tickets must:

  • Identify the society
  • State the price of the ticket
  • State the name and the address of a member of the society who is the responsible for the lottery promotion 
  • Either state the date of the draw or enable the date of the draw to be determined

Selling of tickets

  • Tickets may not be sold by or to any person under the age of 16 years
  • Tickets may be sold from a kiosk, in a shop and door-to-door
  • They may not be sold in a street, which includes any bridge, road, lane, footway, subway, square, court or passage (including passages through enclosed premises such as shopping centres)


A lottery may include a rollover only if each lottery (which is affected by the rollover) is also a lottery promoted by or on behalf of the same society.

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