How to apply for a street trading consent licence

Fees and how to apply


The application fees are:

  • A year's street trading consent fee is £1030
  • A day's street trading consent fee is £106

What you will need to provide with your application:

  •  A copy of public liability insurance cover in the sum of not less than £5,000,000
  •  A copy of current insurance cover for the motor vehicle to be used
  •  Full details with a colour photograph of the vehicle/unit to be used
  •  Two passport type, colour photographs of the applicant and of any assistant the applicant seeks to employ
  •  If required, a basic disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring service (GOV.UK) for the applicant and for each assistant the applicant seeks to employ. These must not be any older than 30 days old when submitting the application to us
  •  A map of the proposed trading location of minimum scale 1:2500
  •  Evidence of waste removal arrangements from site (if relevant)

How to apply

You can apply online for street trading consent.

Apply for street trading consent

Alternatively, we can send you a form to apply for street trading consent: contact Cultural Services: Cultural Services contact form

Time period for council to normally approve the application

Three months

What happens if your application is not processed by this council within the normal approved time period (tacit consent)

In order to process the application, it may be required to consult other external agencies prior to making a decision. However, should you not receive confirmation that your licence application has been granted or rejected within three months of submission, you may start your business as tacit consent applies to this application.

If you have not heard from us in that time period

Contact Cultural Services: Cultural Services contact form

Complaints concerning the process

In the first instance, please contact Cultural Services: Cultural Services contact form

An appeal against refusal to issue consent or concerning a condition imposed can be made to a panel of Members from the Regulatory Sub-Committee of the council. 

Any change in circumstances

Any substantial changes from those detailed in the original application form should be brought to the attention of the council.

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