Report a noise problem

Reporting a noise issue

To report a noise issue, you will need to provide:

  • The location of the noise problem. Please be as accurate as possible
  • Your contact details if you want us to look into the issue. Anonymous complaints will be noted and logged but may not be investigated further, even if you tell us about the problem many times

Report a noise problem

Where possible, try talking to your neighbour about the problem in the first instance. Download a suggested letter (DOC) to send to your noisy neighbours. You can then alter and amend this accordingly if you are suffering from nuisance as a first step/alternative before contacting us to formally complain.

We have produced a leaflet which explains how we can help you with a noise complaint. It also gives tips on how to avoid causing a noise problem for your neighbours. Download the noise complaints leaflet (PDF)

What happens after reporting the problem to us

We will contact you within two working days. For more information on what will happen next please refer to investigating your complaint

If you have already reported a noise problem to us and wish to discuss it further, or if you wish to give us more information, please use the contact form

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