Safe use of headphones

Headphones and hearing loss

There is growing concern over the extended use of headphones for listening to music, especially in the young. If the ear is exposed to loud or frequently repeated sound it can be harmed and, as a result, noise-induced hearing loss can occur. Symptoms can include distorted or muffled sound or difficulty understanding speech.

If the music is loud enough, all types of earphones have the capacity to deliver noise that will damage hearing. However, the 'earbud' design of an earphone, which is then inserted into the ear, forces the sound directly towards the eardrum which can have a greater effect on hearing.

There is no single volume setting appropriate for everyone. You may experience a different sound level with different earbuds or headphones and with different settings. You can also adapt to higher volume settings over time, not realising that the higher volume may be harmful to your hearing.

 If you have any concerns about your hearing loss, then contact your doctor.

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