Understanding noise nuisance

Acceptable noise

Not all noise made by a neighbour that can be heard within a neighbouring property will be investigated by us. 

Normal domestic noise like hoovering and lawn mowing, although noisy, are part and parcel of domestic living (unless the activities are being undertaken at unreasonable times). Other activities such as closing doors, running upstairs and talking may be audible next door but again are reasonable behaviour.

Unless there is an element of unreasonableness to the activities, such as repetitive banging of doors or prolonged periods of raised voices, there is very little we can do. Residents living in attached properties need to accept that they will hear their neighbours from time to time. It is when this becomes excessive or abnormal that the pollution team can get involved.

There is some confusion about when noise is and isn't acceptable. For example, it is a myth that you can make as much noise as you like up until 11pm. A statutory nuisance can occur at any time of the day and so it is important to consider what noise is made within the home and consider residents of neighbouring properties to ensure that any noise generated is not at the expense of other peoples' peace and quiet.

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