Air quality

Air quality

Our Environmental Health (Pollution) Team monitors and reports on air quality across the borough following the local air quality management (LAQM) framework for local authorities.

This requires individual local authorities to annually assess air quality, and identify locations where national standards may not be met. When this is found to be the case, they have a duty to declare air quality management areas (AQMAs).

Under the Environment Act 1995, the national air quality strategy outlines recommended maximum levels of seven pollutants.

These are:

  • Benzene
  • 1,3 butadiene
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Lead
  • Particulates
  • Nitrogen dioxide

The most important pollutant for the borough is nitrogen dioxide which is associated with vehicles. This is monitored by our Environmental Health Team. There are currently no air quality management areas for Hinckley and Bosworth.

More information on levels of pollutants, can be found in the annual air quality report (PDF) the council submits to DEFRA each year.  

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AQMAs in Hinckley and Bosworth

There are no AQMAs in the borough currently.